Dealer Missed MAJOR Vehicle Safety Items! (Click To Read More…)

Dealer missed MAJOR vehicle safety items – Dealership vs The Auto Shop

When you take your car in for a light on in the dash a customer would expect it to be taken care of by the dealership. That’s what they paid for right?

When a dealer missed major vehicle safety items after

 performing a service, it can be frustrating.

So how do you know they missed major vehicle safety items?

The car does not perform as it should. Preventative car maintenance inspection by an ASE Mechanic at a reputable auto repair shop is extremely important. Just because you take your car back to the dealer for service does NOT mean that you are getting the best service.

Every car that comes into The Auto Shop receives a complete preventative car maintenance inspection. Why? Because We believe that you should know everything that we know about your car, and we communicate it better than anyone else.

Dealership Big misses in this video:

          1. Dirty Cabin Air Filter

          2. Brakes are worn to minimum

          3. Brakes are metal to metal

          4. Bushings are worn out, cracked, and missing

How The Auto Shop works:

         1. Complete car check

          2. If find a problem, take a picture. Then send all pictures or videos to the customer via email or digital software

          3. Testing and making sure everything is functioning properly in your vehicle.

The Auto Shop communicates with the customer with all that is going on with your car Better than any other car repair shop.

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