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The team at Plano Auto Shop is committed to providing quality auto repairs and services. They have been serving the Plano area for over 40 years. We offer a variety of services including tune-ups, oil changes, and check engine lights. We are the last of a full-service auto repair shop in Plano that is open 5 days a week.

We can help with any car issue you may be having such as electrical problems, tire issues, brakes and more!  “We Fix Everything”, If you’re looking for a quality auto repair shop in Plano, TX, then you’ve come to the right place.

They did a 50k mile inspection and did a oil change, CVT assembly, brakes and some minor electrical work on my 2014 Nissan Rogue. Professional service, customer friendly, they were able to keep me up to date on the repair via messaging with photos. They were able to provide a loaner vehicle while it was being repaired. This is the best auto Mahon I have ever experienced. They will be doing all my service needs in the future. They made it easy in a complicated schedule!”
Jon Martin ~ Google Review

Our ASE Certified Auto Technicians are here to help with any type of car problem that you may have so please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. The Plano Auto Shop can handle the problem. A new noise, a squeak or squealing brakes, and general car issues. We are here to take the stress away from you and car repairs done right the first time!

We offer two options to reach us

Check Engine Light Flashing?

Need A Car Tune-up?

Time To Change Your Oil?

If you notice that your check engine light has been flashing for a while now, then it may be time to take your car in for an inspection.

The check engine light is a warning sign that something might be wrong with your car. It can be hard to decipher what the light is trying to tell you, but it’s important to know what it means.

The check engine light is an indication of a problem with the car’s emissions system. The light may come on for one of three reasons: a problem in the emissions control system, a problem in the vehicle’s computer system or during a self-test.

Doesn’t matter what the reason is please get it checked immediately!

If you notice your check engine light flashing or your car starting to sputter, it may be time to bring it in to Plano Auto Shop for a tune-up.

A tune-up will typically include a visual inspection of the engine’s air filter, spark plugs, fuel filter, timing belt or chain, and coolant temperature sensor.

The best way to know if you need a car tune-up is by taking your car to an ASE Certified Auto Mechanic.

Here are some items to have checked during a car tune-up:

1. Check Tire Pressure

2. Check Brakes

3. Check Coolant Level

4. Check Battery Voltage

Oil changes are a necessary part of car maintenance because they help keep your engine running smoothly.

You don’t have to be an expert mechanic to know when it’s time for an oil change. In fact, there are many signs that indicate it’s time for an auto service appointment.

Oil changes should happen every 3,000 – 6,000 miles or 6 months, whichever comes first. The best way to determine how often you need to replace your engine oil is by looking at the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.

When you become a customer of Plano Auto Shop, we send out reminder notices in the mail so you don’t forget!

Whatever the noise, hesitation or just not running as smoothly as it should be. Now is the time to get your car or truck into Plano Auto Shop. These are warning signs so get in early before it costs thousands of dollars to fix your vehicle!

“We Fix Cars For Keeps!”

Car Maintenance Tips And Tricks

From Plano Auto Shop

You may not know much about car maintenance but we do. Discover more about what you should be looking out for when maintaining your vehicle.

Keeping your car running smoothly doesn’t mean you have to be an expert mechanic. In fact, there are many things you can do yourself to ensure your vehicle runs like new.

Car maintenance is an important part of keeping your vehicle in good condition. It helps keep your engine running smoothly and extends its life.

Maintain Proper
Tire Pressure

If you notice any unusual noises coming from your tires, check them immediately. This will help prevent costly damage to your tires and vehicle.

Replace The Air Filter
Every Year or Two

It’s important to keep an eye on the air filter because it will help prevent dirt and dust particles from entering into your engine. This will ensure that your engine runs smoothly and efficiently.

Have a Good Set
of Wipers

It’s also important to keep an eye on your wipers as well. They should be replaced at least once a year.

Check The Oil
Level Regularly

One of the first things you need to check regularly is the oil level. If you notice any unusual noises coming from your engine, then you should take your car to a ASE certified mechanic as soon as possible.

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