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Don’t let brake noise get you down! Not all squeaky brakes need to be replaced. Just like other parts on your vehicle, sometimes all your noisy brakes need is just a little bit of maintenance!


It’s important to note that there are two ways to determine whether or not the brake pads will need to be replaced:

1) Visually:

If you see that the depth of the pad is less than 1/4 inch – you need to replace it, and soon! If you see that it’s less than 1/8 inch, there isn’t any time to waste as you are getting really close on damaging the rotor! You need to get your brakes serviced as quickly as possible.

2) Audibly:

If you are hearing a screeching sound when you put your foot on the brake, this is a bad sign. You are overdue for a brake service. If it sounds more like scraping on metal, then you might have damaged your rotors and you need to fix the brakes immediately otherwise you could cause major damage. It is also recommended that you try to get the rotors resurfaced or changed, depending on the recommendations of a qualified service technician.

Changing your brake pads too soon is much better than changing them too late. If you wait too long to service your brakes, you can cause damage to other parts of the brake system like brake calipers, ABS pumps and modules, hydraulic brake lines or other parts of the braking system.

Brake System Service in Plano!

Your brake system is a critical safety feature in your car, truck or SUV. Annual inspections and proper maintenance are important in order to ensure your safety and to avoid costly failures to the brake system. The Auto Shop’s certified technicians examine the entire braking system—pads/ shoes, hydraulic fluids, rotor/drum wear, calipers and wheel cylinders, brake hardware, hoses and lines, master cylinder, and the anti-lock system for vehicles so equipped.

If you notice any of the signs of possible brake failure— squealing, grinding, other unusual noises when you apply the brakes, a brake pedal that can be depressed nearly to the floor, a brake warning light that stays lit—have your brake system checked out as soon as possible.

The Auto Shop’s Courtesy Brake Inspection Service includes:

  • A thorough inspection of your vehicle’s entire braking system
  • Brake Pads and Brake Shoes inspected
  • Wheel bearings inspected
  • Comprehensive inspection of your suspension system
  • Courtesy scan of the onboard diagnostic system
  • All fluid levels checked and tested
  • Courtesy Road Test
  • Maintenance Inspection of belts, hoses and other critical items

Get Your Car’s Brakes Serviced Right – The First Time!

The Auto Shop is your one-stop shop for all your car repair needs. Our experienced ASE certified technicians are experts in brake repair, disc brakes, drum brakes and anti-lock brakes.

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  • Brake repair specialists are an important part of the automotive industry. They are responsible for ensuring that cars have properly functioning brakes, which is essential for safe and efficient driving.

  • We also know how to identify potential issues before they become major problems, allowing drivers to get back on the road quickly and safely.

  • Our ASE certified Mechanics understand the intricacies of disc brakes, drum brakes, anti-lock brakes and other brake systems on your car.

  • From regular brake inspections to complete brake repairs we’ll keep you up to date by sending a digital file with pictures and videos to your cell phone or computer to help you see and understand what needs to be repaired or replaced.

Your family is important to us! Let us help you keep them safe!

When it comes to brake repair specialists, The Auto Shop in Plano, TX is the place to go!

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