Do You “Top Off” Your Gas Tank?

Or do you go to the next even dollar amount? What if I told you this was not a good habit to have? Let me explain.

If you’re driving an old car, it doesn’t really matter if you fill up that tank especially if it’s got an old gas cap. If you’re driving a newer vehicle and especially one that has a check engine light or a service engine soon lamp Do Not top off your gas. Just run the pump until the tank is full and it automatically shuts off. Do not try to put more fuel into your tank. This could potentially cost you a lot of money and precious time.

In the example of a Suburban in the video of, “The Things That Can Go Wrong When you “Top Off” your gas tank”, the charcoal canister that is part of your evaporative emissions system (that the federal government has mandated) on your vehicles. When overfilling the tank, it becomes flooded, and it destroys the charcoal element in the canister. It may also destroy the purge valve which will cause your check engine light to come on.

Another situation that could happen you can have flooding of fuel throughout the entire evaporative system, and it will cause lots and lots of problems for you. It will cause your check engine light to come on your vehicle, it can begin to misfire, it will certainly not have the emission control systems that it’s supposed to have, and you’ll end up spending a whole lot of money just because you wanted to “Top Off” the gas tank.

The Auto Shop understands that filling the gas tank with as much gas as we can is common, people do it every day! However, the cost to continue to do this will hit your pocketbook with an expensive car repair. If you don’t stop this, car repair(s) will ultimately happen.

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To watch the video on “Do You Overfill The Gas Tank?” click on the link or the image below:

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